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Free replacements within the first 30 days of delivery! Past 30 days and we’ll get ya a new pair for 15 bucks! Free returns within the first 10 days of delivery! Please submit a support ticket below for shipping info. 


Oh Sh*t! My shades broke!

If you broke your shades within the first 30 days we’ll replace em’ for free! Broke them over 30 days or even 30 years after delivery? We’ll give ya a brand new pair for 10 bucks non-polarized and 15 bucks polarized! Please submit a support ticket below with your order number for shipping info to get the process started!


I got my sunglasses and I don’t like them…

That’s very highly unlikely…. but in the rare case you're not satisfied with what you got then you can return them for a refund within 10 days of delivery!


Note: The above applies to our sunglasses only, not specialty lenses. Shipping cost included in replacement cost for US based customers only; international customers may incur extra shipping costs.

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